We’re Elizabeth + Ethan Finkelstein. We’re dreamers. We love old things. And we believe that you’re being sold the wrong American dream. Contrary to what everyone else says, you don’t actually need to buy a million dollar house and go into extreme debt to live a satisfying and beautiful life. But don’t just take our word for it—we’ve brought together over 1 million people who feel the same way, and who are masters at celebrating the beauty of cheap old houses.

Our philosophy of life is simple. Work hard. Find something beautiful, something well-crafted. Something that needs you. Nurture it. Learn about it. Spend time honing your skills so you understand it. Teach your family to do the same. And give back to history while doing it. 

We started @cheapoldhouses because we were enchanted with the untapped beauty that is hidden in so many pockets of this country. These homes tell the stories of the everyday people who lived here, worked here, and made America what it is. The fisherman. The millworkers. The families. They are not the fancy landmarks—they are our true history.

We invite you along for the ride as we explore hidden gems all over America, and celebrate their potential with our community of old house lovers + dreamers.

Fear no fixer.

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Millennials turning to Instagram to purchase ‘Cheap Old Houses’

Millennials Taking Over the Housing Market

Cheap Old Houses – Live on Good Day NY

Cheap Old Houses Trend Inspiring Young Homeowners

‘Cheap Old Houses’ Account on Instagram Spurs Buying Frenzy Among Millennials

Millennials are Buying Historic Homes for Less Than $100,000 Featured on Instagram

Buying An $18,000 House: Inside America’s Cheap Old Houses


The Cheap Old Houses Instagram Account Is the Only Good Instagram Account

“CheapOldHouses is aspirational, sure, but it’s founded on the idea that you could one day become a home owner.”

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Would You Leave Your Life Behind for a House You Saw on Instagram? These People Did.

“The appeal of Cheap Old Houses isn’t just the price, though. There’s the fantasy of trading crowded subways and rush-hour traffic for peaceful evening walks.”

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Cheap Old Houses Instagram Becomes Too Popular, Creates Home-Buying Wars

“The folks behind it scour real estate listings around the U.S. to find and showcase cool old homes being sold at ridiculously inexpensive prices,”

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Down the “Cheap Old Houses” Rabbit Hole

“A look at the Instagram account that’s inspiring people to drop everything and move across the country—or at least dream about it.”

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Cheap Old Houses Is About to Be Your Favorite Instagram Account

They call themselves “the most architecturally-intact rabbit hole you’ve ever fallen down,” and they’re not wrong. Aptly named, the account posts extremely reasonably priced, old homes that are currently on the market to be salvaged.”

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America’s Obsession with Cheap Old Houses

“The Instagram account has captured a generation.”

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21 Cheap Old Houses You Can Buy For Under $25,000

The premise is simple: They post cheap old houses. Most of the houses they post are under $100k but my personal favorite are the ultra-cheap $25k and less houses.

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Why Scrolling Through Cheap Old Houses on Instagram Is So Soothing

“Instagrammers are drawn to what we’ll call Old House Instagram stands in stark contrast. What is it that entices millennials to pore over and connect with one another over vintage homes in various states of disrepair?”

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Love Cheap Old Houses? Then These Homes (and Prices) Will Blow Your Mind

“a curated online marketplace of beautiful historic homes for sale across the country.”

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After Buying a Cheap, Old House for $15K That They Saw on Instagram, One Couple’s Fight to Save It 

“described as “the most architecturally-intact rabbit hole you’ve ever fallen down.” And that it is. A few times a week, followers get to peruse older houses—some historical, some in decent shape, others close to shambles—that need to be saved.”

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The Specific Allure of the Cheap Old Houses Instagram Account

“In a culture that devours good before-and-after pictures, Cheap Old Houses provides plenty of “before” images, while giving followers the opportunity to mentally design their own “afters.” “It’s an extremely creative thing to be able to look at something that’s sort of lost and forgotten and imagine what you can do with it”

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Inside Instagram’s Cheap Old Houses Phenomenon

“there’s now hope for those dreaming of buying a gorgeous property for less than the cost of a new car. If the Cheap Old Houses phenomenon hasn’t reached your corner of the ‘gram yet, you’re missing out”

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“Cheap Old Houses” Is the Instagram Account Every Old-House Lover Needs to Follow

“The feed is dedicated to “diamonds in the rough,” as Elizabeth puts it—and trust us, she’s rounded up some real (crumbling) gems.”

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People are flying in from across the country to look at this $99K Russian River house

“A lot of this national buzz was likely created by the home being featured on Cheap Old Houses, a website that more commonly features dilapidated yet charming inexpensive homes in places like Pittsburgh, Pa., and Toledo, Ohio, not the San Francisco Bay Area.”

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This Woman Turned Her Obsession with Cheap Old Houses into Instagram Stardom and a Full-Time Career

“If you love something, there are definitely going to be other people out there who love it,” Finkelstein says. “If you believe in something and continue to plug at it, you’ll gather people around you and form a community, A Niche For Old Houses.”

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‘Cheap old houses’ account on Instagram spurs buying frenzy among millennials

These houses take the term “fixer-upper” to a new level

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The Aspirational, but Down-To-Earth Instagram Account, Which Gathers Old Houses to do Real Estate Business

“It’s called Cheap Old Houses and, as the name implies, it is a collection of photos of old houses (the concept of old house in the States is very relative), in remote places, perhaps to be restored, which are on sale at a price lower than one hundred thousand dollars.”

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The Cheap Old House Movement and What It Could Mean for Investors

“Homebuyers — mostly millennials — are now rescuing (in addition to dogs and cats) lovable yet abandoned homes, and this is known as the “cheap old house movement.”

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Steve Stephens: Seeing old houses for sale fires imagination

“The popularity of such online sites as Cheap Old Houses, with more than a million followers on Instagram, attests to the romance of creaky old Victorians, Georgians or Greek revivals that still retain some of the allure of their youth but may need tender loving care to restore them to their one-time glory.

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Cheap Old Houses: The Popular Instagram Account Dedicated To Saving Old Houses

“Part real estate listing, part history lesson, and part full-on escapism, Cheap Old Houses now has 1.2 million followers “who are mostly dreamers like me,” according to Finkelstein, but also include real estate professionals and homebuyers who are inspired by the lower barrier to entry presented in her feed.”

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Millennials are fleeing big city life during the pandemic for the country where they’re snapping up ‘cheap old houses’ found on Instagram for as little as $18k

” Unsurprisingly, they have redefined how homeownership is approached. With social media playing a huge role in the way millennials shop; it’s no shock that more and more people between the ages of 23-39 have turned to Instagram for their real estate needs. 

Enter: Cheap Old Houses, the popular Instagram feed that connects the recession-wary generation to historic fixer-uppers that cost less than $100,000.”

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This Instagram Account Shares Hope-Reaffirming Real Estate Listings (30 Pics)

“One of the best places to find low-priced but beautiful properties is the Cheap Old Houses Instagram account that has over 1.3 million loyal followers. The account has helped countless Americans and Europeans find their new homes and showcases the country’s hidden gems.”

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US Millennials buy ‘cheap old houses’ on Instagram for $18k

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) comprise Cheap Old Houses’ largest audience – many of whom hail from New York City, Los Angeles and Portland, ‘places where people are just feeling like they are stuck or tied down.’ She refers to them as ‘the dreamers’ – those who are trapped in the viscous cycle of working high-paying jobs in order to afford exorbitant rental prices. 

Unsurprisingly, Finkelstein’s feed has seen a sudden surge of 25,000 new followers per week since the pandemic started in March. ‘It’s really hit a nerve with so many people of all ages who are either leaving their jobs, losing their jobs, or finding that their jobs are becoming less tied to place and that they can do them remotely.

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Instagram Channel Helps City-Leavers Find Their Dream House in the Countryside

“Cheap Old Houses’ properties definitely appeal to many Instagram users in selling the dream of cheap houses in a largely unaffordable housing market. They are described as being in need of being “saved” by a buyer to preserve the history and unique architecture or style showing the potential of the houses to be transformed into something spectacular and interior design blog worthy.”

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What It’s Like To Renovate A House From 1892

” Admit it, you’ve probably been sending listings from Cheap Old Houses Instagram to your friends, daydreaming about quitting that corporate job and living your best Gilmore Girls life in a small town in Upstate New York.

Betsy found her turn-of-the-century, “eclectic-style” red-brick Victorian home on the east side of town for a mere $18,500, thanks in part to the Cheap Old Houses Instagram account, which promotes historic homes in need of some TLC. “

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Love Spotting a Reno Challenge? This Instagram Account Is a Must.

To disconnect from this spread of modern homes, I’ve found solace (perhaps ironically, on a modern platform) in Cheap Old Houses, an Instagram account that celebrates what I call “the velveteen rabbit houses” of rural America.

Scrolling through Cheap Old Houses’ feed is like going back in time. It’s filled with gems like a cute colonial outside Cleveland built in 1900, a 1913 American Foursquare between Dallas and Houston, and a stunning Victorian in a small (population under 5,000) Maine town.

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@CheapOldHouses founders start their own old home renovation

Hudson Valley’s Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein, “Save All The Old Houses” isn’t just a cheeky slogan to slap on crewneck sweatshirts, pennant flags and canvas totes (though they’ve done that too) — it’s a rallying cry. The duo behind the wildly popular Instagram feeds @CheapOldHouses and @CircaHouses have amassed a staggering 1.7 million followers, but they’re not stopping there.

This summer, they’ll take to television with a namesake show on HGTV, scoping out old homes around the country and checking in on some of their past listings that have been saved.

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Historic Preservation: Cheap Old Houses


Elizabeth Finkelstein, Preservationist & Instagrammer, Makes Historic Real Estate Circa Awesome


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Cheap Old Houses with Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein!


Interview with the creator of Circa Old Houses and @cheapoldhouses


Episode 136: The Uninhibited


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We cherry pick the most beautiful old houses for sale for under $100K and share them with you.
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We cherry pick the most beautiful old houses for sale for under $100K and share them with you.

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