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America’s Most Beautiful Old Houses for Sale for Under $100k.

We scour new real estate listings daily, coast to coast, searching for homes for sale for under $100k. We hand pick the most beautiful of the bunch and share them with you.

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United States

We find SCORES of bargain homes throughout the country that don’t fall under $100k (Heck, you can’t even buy a parking spot for that price in some parts of the country), but that are nonetheless amazing homes worthy of preserving. “Cheap(ish) Old Houses” showcases a curated collection of amazing, intact historical home for sale for under $250k. YUM.

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Canada + Europe

Our “Cheap Old Houses Abroad” newsletter focuses on houses for sale for under $150K USD in Canada and Europe, and occasionally in other far-off places. We’re talking quaint Nordic cabins, Irish cottages, Tuscan villas and old stone homes overlooking the Mediterranean. They’re so fun for us to find, and it’ll be the dreamiest thing you’ll see all week, we promise!

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Both Newsletters

Receive both our weekly “Cheap Old Houses Abroad” newsletter and our weekly “Cheap(ish) Old Houses” newsletter. Yippee! Between our “Secret” Instagram feed and both newsletters, you’re looking at over 1,500 additional listings each year, filled with more old house goodness than you’ll be able to handle. Surely, “the one” is in there somewhere, right?

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A subscription to any of our newsletters also grants you instant access to our “Secret” Instagram feed, which showcases an additional cheap old house every weekday. That’s at least 20 extra houses per week!

A subscription to any of our newsletters also grants you instant access to our “Secret” Instagram feed, which showcases an additional cheap old house every weekday. That’s at least 20 extra houses per week!


How many emails will I receive?

Our newsletters are sent out weekly!

Are you guys realtors?

Nope! Just two people obsessed with cheap old houses.

How do you find your listings?

We look at listings all day long, so we always have a good stockpile ready to share. This is partly because we’re just obsessed, and partly because our jobs require it. We run an old house real estate marketplace called CIRCA, which features new historical house listings everyday. Elizabeth also writes the real estate section for Country Living Magazine. And all day, every day, people are DMing and emailing us listings, because we’ve kind of become known as the cheap old house people. We’re cool with that.

What is your criteria for choosing listings?

Elizabeth has a masters degree in Historic Preservation, so she knows a good old house when she sees it! All of the listings we show are very architecturally-intact and full of original charm and character. Hate is a strong word, but we strongly dislike houses that have been flipped and stripped of all character.

Can I just see houses in a certain state?

We don’t currently offer state-specific newsletters. However, if you visit our Instagram feed @cheapoldhouses, you can search listings by state using hashtags such as #cheapoldhousesny or #cheapoldhousesms

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Elizabeth + Ethan

We’re dreamers. We love old things. And we believe that you’re being sold the wrong American dream. Contrary to what everyone else says, you don’t actually need to buy a million dollar house and go into extreme debt to live a satisfying and beautiful life. But the magic of cheap old houses is not within us—it’s within the hundreds of thousands of people who feel the same way, and who have supported this idea from the very beginning.

There are scores of people who have bought these homes⁠—who are showing the world the immense satisfaction that comes with taking your life in your own two hands, and restoring a little piece of history while doing it. This is the dream that lies within every single listing we find over on @cheapoldhouses. Thank you for being a part of the movement.

The Fandom is Real.

It started as an Instagram feed.
Then it snowballed into a mass movement.
Here are a few of our favorite media mentions.

“The Cheap Old Houses Instagram Account Is the Only Good Instagram Account”


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