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1923 Hill St, Alexandria, LA

Bjarkøy, Norway

28856 State Route 172, Kensington, OH

151 Church St, Middleburgh, NY

15857 17th St S, Comstock, MN

832 W 8Th Street, Anderson, IN

1069 W Woodruff Ave, Toledo, OH

12 W 5th St, Paris, KY

4187 N 22nd St, Milwaukee, WI

2709 Main St, Hurricane, WV

124 N Longwood St, Rockford, IL

5 S Penn Ave, Greenville, PA

3971 N 27th St, Milwaukee, WI

326 N Dooly St, Montezuma, GA

806 E Market St, Logansport, IN

721 N Irwin Ave, Green Bay, WI

30 S 1st Ave E, Ely, MN

301 Onondaga Ave

300 Kelly St, Charles City, IA

422 E 7th St, Sedalia, MO

202 S 3rd St, Rockport, IN

801 5th Ave N, Great Falls, MT

613 N Summit St, Girard, KS

605 N Walnut St, Peabody, KS

925 N Jackson St, Palestine, TX

710 N 5th St, Saint Joseph, MO

302 E D St, Erwin, NC

1426 5th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA

67 Herndon Ave, New Castle, VA

506 N Mcphaul St, Sylvester, GA

813 S 6th St, Burlington, IA

715 W Delaware Ave, Toledo, OH

375 Forest Ave, Fond Du Lac, WI

15427 Rich Valley Rd, Abingdon, VA

3022 Washington St, Vicksburg, MS

128 N Sumner Ave, Scranton, PA

1135 S Johnson Rd, Sebring, OH

Auzancess, France

616 S Main St, Sylvania, GA

109 Mcallister Ave, Syracuse, NY

859 N 4th St, Timpson, TX

501 Osbun St, Fort Scott, KS

103 N Chestnut St, Clinton, NC

1024 E Holland Ave, Saginaw, MI

451 N Wabash St, Wheeling, WV

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