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“But is anyone really doing this? Upending their lives and moving to save a cheap old house?” YES! These are the real stories of real people who have bought houses featured on @cheapoldhouses and are giving them a new lease on life!


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Randi + Dave: Towanda, IL

Randi + Dave first spotted their 6,000 sqft mansion, Duncan Manor – an Italianate beauty rising dramatically out of the center of a field – on our website. They happened to be at a wedding nearby and drove by the house, and exactly month (and one BIG leap of faith) later, they had left their tiny Denver apartment for a new life on the farm. After spending months camping on the porch, they were finally able to move inside, where their restoration adventures continue.


Follow along with their inspiring journey on Season 1 of Cheap Old Houses on HGTV or Discovery+ or on their instagram page @duncanmanor


(photo above by the very talented Stephanie Wood)

Matt: Mount Pulaski, IL

Purchase price: $15,000
Built: 1896
Building style: Queen Anne
Instagram: @mr_nostynova

Amy + Brandon: Geneva, NY

Purchase price: $102,000
Built: 1875 by Maria Hemiup
Instagram: @grovecastlerenovation

Greg + Jennifer: Elwood, IN

Purchase price: $95,000
Built: 1903 by funds from Andrew Carnegie
Building style: Neo Classical
Fun fact: one of 1,689 Carnegie libraries in the U.S.
Instagram: @thecarnegieindiana

Brittany + Dave: Mid-Michigan

Brittany + Dave are restoring a gorgeous, old Italianate house that sits on 20 acres and was featured on @cheapoldhouses. Follow along with their architectural salvage business: @good_as_old


(photo above by the very talented Maria Horford)

Regan + Traci: Bodfish, CA

Purchase price: $95,000
Built: 1965
Building style: A-Frame
Instagram: @byregan_jackson

Kristin: Syracuse, NY

Purchase price: $45,000
Built: 1885 by Archimedes Russell
Building style: Shingle
Fun fact: the previous owner considered duct tape as a building material
Instagram: @kristin_mahoney_ny

Kim + Robert: Ebersbach, Germany

Purchase price: $68,000
Built: mid 1860’s
Building style: Half-Timber
Fun fact: it’s a hotel known as The Lamplelburg and was built where a previous castle existed


We wrote a book for anyone who has ever dreamt of changing their life to rescue an old house. We’ve scoured the country to find homes in desperate need of saving—including a $45,000 Victorian in Mississippi, a $25,000 mansion in Indiana, an $82,000 recreational camp in Maine, and more. With hundreds of beautiful photographs capturing these homes in all their glory, you’ll be inspired to find “the one”—a fixer upper to rescue that will rescue you right back.



We wrote a book for anyone who has ever dreamt of changing their life to rescue an old house. We’ve scoured the country to find homes in desperate need of saving—including a $45,000 Victorian in Mississippi, a $25,000 mansion in Indiana, an $82,000 recreational camp in Maine, and more. With hundreds of beautiful photographs capturing these homes in all their glory, you’ll be inspired to find “the one”—a fixer upper to rescue that will rescue you right back.


Michael + Natalie: Norwalk, OH

Michael + Natalie uprooted their lives in New Orleans to move across the country to save this house, which was featured on @cheapoldhouses. Follow along with them: @robins_nook

Doyle + Sonia: Frankfort, IN

Purchase price: $47,000
Built: 1877 by Pudley Miller
Instagram: @italiana1877

Karagen + Mitchell: Russellville, KY

Purchase price: $180,000
House style: Second Empire Gothic Victorian
Built: 1830
Instagram: @thedeleusomme

Shelby + Jake: Ironton, OH

Purchase price: $147,000
Built: 1855
House style: Victorian
Instagram: @thetowerhouseironton

Betsy: Wheeling, WV


This beautiful townhouse in the historic district of Wheeling, WV, was featured on @cheapoldhouses and purchased by a preservation-minded buyer for only $16,500 who is planning to restore it to its original glory. Follow along with her at @betsysweeny

Miguel + David: Bristol, CT

Purchase price: $175,000
Built: 1865
House style: Italianate with Greek/Federal facelift in the early 1900’s
Instagram: @hsbartholomewhouse

Kate + Cameron: Eastern Connecticut

Purchase price: $89,900
Built: 1880
Instagram: @the1880soctagon
TikTok: the1880soctagon

Ashley: Coatesville, PA

Listing price: $84,900
Built: 1740
Instagram: @theoldstonehome

Nick + Damien: Gowanda, NY


Nick + Damien snagged one of the prettiest homes in New York after it was featured on @cheapoldhouses for $59,900 (check out that mansard roof!). They’re allowing us to live vicariously through their adventures at @thekimblehouse


(photo above by the very talented Julie Peveto; you can find her on Instagram @juliepevetophotography)

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    Melissa + Fabian: Evansville, IN

    Purchase price: $107,000
    Built: 1899 by Eugene Brady
    Instagram: @pinkhouserevival

    Jack, Julia + Calvin: Mauricetown, NJ

    Purchase price: $90,000
    House style: Italianate
    Instagram: @haymishhouse

    Melissa + Matt: Bear Lake, MI

    Purchase price: $93,000
    Built: 1900
    Instagram: @bearlakevictorian

    Samantha: Olney, IL


    This Colonial Revival with Queen Anne touches is now loved by Samantha, an interior designer, and her partner. Without finding this gem on @cheapoldhouses, they may have never been able to call this one home! For progress pictures and other design projects, follow along at @sambrazil1!


    (photo above by the very talented Mackenzie Schmucker, which you can find @thelocalphoto_)

    Willow: Camptonville, CA

    Purchase price: $370,000
    House style: Gothic Revival
    Built: 1854 by Josiah Prentiss Brown

    Emma: Shawville, Quebec

    Purchase price: 72,500 CAD
    Built: 1898 by Moses Chamberlain Eddy
    Style: Queen Anne Victorian
    Instagram: @imemmaelizabeth

    Dustin: Mariaville, ME

    Purchase price: $34,000
    Built: 1903
    Fun fact: it’s a church!

    Katie + April: Elmira NY


    A mother-daughter duo found this circa 1883 Queen Anne Victorian house on @cheapoldhouses and decided to tackle the plunge into saving this mansion. As the fanciest former dental office we’ve ever seen, they bought the home for only a cool $88,000. To see all of the incredible architectural details, give them a follow @samson_j_friendly_house.

    Missy + Louie: Logansport, IN

    Listing price: $73,900
    Built: 1850
    Fun fact: our very first ‘saved’ story!
    Instagram: @louiesmomma_15

    Will + Mary Kate + Sadie: Davenport, IA

    Purchase price: $104,000
    Built: 1890

    Lora, Jeff, Libby + M: Blue Earth, MN

    Listing price: $42,000
    Instagram: @blueearth_yellowhouse_redink

    Erin + Luke: Syracuse NY


    This 1916 Arts + Crafts bungalow was designed by Ward Wellington Ward, and for sale for $94,500 when is was featured on @cheapoldhouses! Erin + Luke’s goal is to make it as original as possible—in their words, “it’s a time warp and we want to ‘warp’ it further!” They even have a designer in LA making a historically accurate linoleum floor. Music to our ears! Follow along: @erinlindemann

    Melinda + Herb: Knoxville, MD

    Purchase price: $52,000
    Built: 1845
    Building style: Pennsylvania Stone Bungalow
    Fun fact: moved from Louisiana for this house!
    Instagram: @stonehousemd1845

    Maurizio + Antonella: Marion, IN

    Purchase price: $75,000
    Built: 1909 by Samuel Plato
    Building style: Tudor Revival

    Joel + Sherry: Lynn, IN

    Purchase price: $74,900
    Built: 1880
    Fun fact: one of oldest wooden churches in Indiana

    Eddie + Julie: Lincoln, KS


    After being posted on Cheap Old Houses, this FREE Dutch Colonial house has gone from bleak to bright. To save the house from demolition, Eddie and Julie Flores will move the house to a new location a few miles away and rehab it as their new family home.

    Jessica: Bergton, VA

    Purchase price: $70,000
    Fun fact: also an AirBnB!
    Instagram: @riverbottomcottage

    Nathan + Sarah: Buffalo, KY

    Purchase price: $62,500
    Fun fact: same county Abraham Lincoln was born!
    Instagram: @rustickycabin

    Lana + Bruce: Walhalla, SC

    Listing price: $64,999
    House style: Colonial Revival
    Built: 1880
    Instagram: @raising_catherine

    Lise: Detroit, MI


    We met Lise long before she became our right-hand lady and Content Manager at Cheap Old Houses! Purchased for $78,000, this Tudor was truly love at first sight; when she step foot into the living room, Lise knew this house was meant to be hers. You can read more about her journey here.

    Spencer + Thomas: Norway, ME

    Fun fact: former hunting club (and place to go to escape prohibition!)
    Built: 1876
    Instagram: @camp_cinnamon_1876

    Steve + Beverly: Hico, TX

    House style: Victorian
    Website: thehouseonavenueb.com

    Ross, Jacob + Will: Milledgeville, GA

    Purchase price: $319,500
    House style: transition between Federal and Greek Revival
    Built: 1838 by Samuel Rockwell
    Instagram: @rockwellhousega

    Hallie + Ned: North Anson, ME


    Hallie + Ned bought a stunning riverfront house that was featured on @cheapoldhouses for $100,000 and came with 10 acres! We call it a dream farmhouse; they call it “a veritable wallpaper retrospective.”  They’re documenting their journey: @tillerproject

    Gene + David: Marshalltown, IA

    Purchase price: $60,000
    Built: 1920
    Fun fact: they had to buy a skeleton key to lock the front door!
    Instagram: @1920_mtown + @2guysyarn

    Mike: Weedsport, NY

    Purchase price: $66,000
    House style: Victorian
    Built: 1830
    Fun fact: Mike uprooted his life in Las Vegas for this house
    Instagram: @wyld_myk

    Amanda + Ben: Merchantville, NJ

    Purchase price: $175,000
    Built: 1895
    Instagram: @springfield_house

    Jodie, Garrett + Watson the Pug: Joliet, MT

    Purchase price: $50,000
    Built: 1900
    Instagram: @mainstreethouse_

    Ally + Jordan: Terre Haute, IN

    Purchase price: $115,000
    Built: 1882
    House style: Queen Anne
    Fun fact: original owner was a descendant of the inventor of the Coca Cola bottle!

    Lisa: Carnesville, GA

    Purchase price: $88,000
    Built: 1873
    House style: Gothic Revival
    Instagram: @jewellville

    Tung + Martha: Dayton, OH


    With zero experience in restoration, first-time homebuyers Tung + Martha have taken on an incredibly beautiful (and incredibly large!) Victorian that was featured on @cheapoldhouses for $79,900. They fell in love so quickly that they put in an offer before seeing it in person, and are documenting their journey over at @The.Minnie.Project

    Randy + Sandy: Akron, OH

    Purchase price: $85,000
    Built: 1865
    Instagram: @orchardhouseakron

    Sarah + Jesse: Beatrice, NE

    Purchase price: $60,000
    Built: 1890
    Building style: Queen Anne Victorian

    Marguerite: Weyauwega, WI

    Purchase price: $43,000
    Built: 1900
    Instagram: @maggiibleu_maison

    Emily: Barnet, VT


    After years of hunting for a city-free getaway, @cheapoldhouses was a key part of how Emily dreamed about the new life she would have when leaving the hustle and bustle of New York City behind. Emily spotted ‘the one’ in her home state of Vermont on the Cheap Old Houses feed. Follow along Emily and her pup Hanna as she brings new life to a very old home @for_agnes_with_love

    Chris + Jenny: Steuben, ME

    Purchase price: $99,000
    Built: 1829 by the Dutton family
    House style: Federal
    Instagram: follow their amazing GC @pinestatebuilders

    Tonya: Port Byron, IL

    Purchase price: $50,000
    House style: Greek Revival
    Instagram: @1855revival

    Renee, Larry, Brad, + Julie: Hartford City, IN

    Purchase price: $80,000
    Built: 1888
    Fun fact: old schoolhouse + found via our Cheap Old Farmhouses Issue #17

    Jenn + Brandon: Halifax, NC


    This Federal-period home with a Victorian addition was purchased by Jenn + Brandon for a cool $11,000 after seeing it on @cheapoldhouses. They were even able to have their wedding here among the restoration process. Follow along at @johnbrownhouse or visit their website at thejohnbrownhouse.com!

    Shane + Bob: Xenia, OH

    Purchase price: $75,000
    Built: 1860 by George Duke Thornhill
    House style: Italianate
    Instagram: @dukesofthornhill

    Shawn + Jennifer: Cartersville, VA

    Purchase price: $156,000
    Built: 1850 by John Todd Wood
    House style: Georgian Greek Revival
    Fun fact: there is a cemetery on the property where John T. Wood and his wife are buried
    Instagram: @historicfarmhousefamily

    Aaron + Rae: River Falls, WI

    Purchase price: $190,000
    Built: 1972 by Mike McGuire
    House style: Bermed Earth Shelter
    Instagram: @clarknelsonhouse

    Mandy: Richmond, ME


    With its incredible porch + ceilings, this rambling Victorian totally won us over when we posted it on @cheapoldhouses for $99,900! Its loving owner, Mandy, is bringing us along for the restoration ride: @theswanvictorian

    Diana: McKeesport, PA

    Purchase price: $9,001
    House style: Queen Anne

    Hannah: Hartford, WI

    Purchase price: $230,000
    Built: 1969
    House style: Mid-Century Modern

    Amy + Harell: Chesterton, IN

    Purchase price: $67,000
    Built: 1939

    Kaycee + Mark: Norcross, MN


    Kaycee + Mark are saving this remarkable former school to transform into their home. Purchased for only $35,000 and built in 1938, this art deco, solid concrete building will sparkle once again! Find their next restoration assignment at @schoolhousehome and artdecoschool.com

    Kaye: Trenton, TN

    Purchase price: $46,000
    Built: 1905 by George F. Barber
    Building style: Queen Anne
    Instagram: @bringbackoldhouses

    Kristin: Cumberland, MD

    Listing price: $99,900
    Instagram: @krbntt

    Mary + Larry: Lexington, MO

    Listing price: $62,500
    Built: 1850
    Instagram: @lexibelle_restoration

    Brandon + Sera: Livingston, AL


    A gas fireplace in nearly every room must’ve drawn this family in to take on downtown living for only $50,000! Brandon + Sera are planning on turning this C. 1924 house into their dream home. To see more of their Southern journey, find them at @foreverinthesouth

    Dee: Richmond, IN

    Purchase price: $91,400
    Built: 1880 by The Kempton Family
    Building style: Free Classic Queen Anne
    Fun fact: they’re moving across the country for this house

    Michael + Marge: Fitzwilliam, NH

    Purchase price: $57,000
    Built: church 1875 / bell tower 1899
    Instagram: @thisoldnhchurch

    Natalya + Edgar: Roswell, NM

    Purchase price: $42,000
    Built: 1912
    Building style: Queen Anne
    Fun fact: they moved 1,100 miles just for this house

    Sarvie + Jasper: Big Indian, NY


    Sarvie + Jasper’s lives were changed when they bought this amazing Bavarian Style Cottage! Featured on @cheapoldhouses for $95,000, they restored this gem! They have recently started a new chapter with another Cheap Old House in Europe.

    Erin + Chris: Collinsville, IL

    Purchase price: $35,000
    Built: 1870 by Capt. George Miller
    Building style: Second Empire
    Fun fact: known as the Miller Sims House

    Tiffany: Mason City, IL

    Purchase price: $50,000
    Built: 1929

    Jess + Tareq: Montezuma, GA

    Purchase price: $69,900
    Built: 1900
    Building style: Queen Anne Victorian
    Fun fact: made an offer sight-unseen
    Instagram: @volatile.renovation

    Jason + Rebecca: Mayodan, NC


    As featured on @cheapoldhouses Instagram and HGTV show for only $58,000, Jason + Rebecca relocated their family from California to the Mayodan Hotel. The building came furnished and they continue to find treasures tucked in drawers in every room. They already started work on the hotel using several archival photos to guide them. Follow along at @mayodanhotel

    Cynthia: Orange, MA

    Purchase price: $150,000
    Built: 1903 by John Wheeler
    Building style: Classical Revival
    Instagram: @revivalwheelermansion

    Tracy + Tom: Wabash, IN

    Purchase price: $70,000
    Built: 1885 by Frank Morse
    Building style: Italianate
    Instagram: @once.upon.an.italianate

    Ryan: Dayton, OH

    Purchase price: $110,000
    Built: 1926
    Fun fact: the previous owner left their extensive wine collection in the wine cellar!

    Connor + Kayli: Higginsport, OH


    Found in our Cheap(ish) eNewsletter, Conner & Kayli were drawn to this unique property and purchased it for $165,000. They were told that the original owner was a whiskey dealer; he would drive his horse and buggy through the tunnel into the wine cellar. How wild!

    Connie + Steve: Canisteo, NY

    Purchase price: $83,500
    Built: 1836 by Lawrence Allison
    Building style: Greek Revival

    Stella + Panos: Catskill, NY

    Purchase price: $81,000
    Built: 1900
    Fun fact: Everyone in the village claims to have dated a person living in it!

    Bebe + Marvin: Davenport, IA

    Purchase price: $105,000
    Built: 1864 by Margareta and August Marks Steffen
    Building style: Italianate
    Fun fact: they moved cross country from Phoenix for this house!
    Instagram: @margaretaauguststeffenhouse

    Deirdra + Leif: Flaxton, ND


    A church for with historical items found in the walls? That’s exactly what Deirdra + Leif found for $46,000. They continuously have people from the community sharing their memories and pictures from their past experience with this church. For their vlog on church living, check them out on YouTube!

    Olivia + Brian: Petersburg, VA

    Purchase price: $96,000
    Built: 1940
    House style: Colonial Revival
    Instagram: @fixing_up_on_fairfax

    Sean: Exeter, ME

    Purchase price: $32,000
    Fun fact: former Freemason Lodge
    Built: 1915
    Building style: Greek Revival
    Instagram: @pequotpropertygroup

    Justin + Vanessa: Wheeling, WV

    Purchase price: $93,000
    Built: 1860
    House style: Victorian

    James + Isabelle: Lincoln, IL


    Wanting a fresh start, James + Isabelle fell in love with this house they spotted on Cheap Old Houses. So much so that they bought the house sight unseen for $98,000! They are realizing it’s an emotional journey renovating an old house — from realizing that they have to peel 5 layers of wallpaper, to finding newspapers from the early 1900’s under the floorboards.

    Jack + Kelley + family: Cullowhee, NC

    Purchase price: $69,000
    Built: by Black Mt Lumber Co.
    Fun fact: purchased as a family summer retreat and they refer to “her” as Someday, because ‘someday’ she will be finished
    Instagram: @someday.farmhouse

    Jesse + Susie: Mitchell, IA

    Purchase price: $84,900
    Built: 1873 by C. C. Vanderpoel
    Building style: Gothic Revival
    Fun fact: they moved 2,000 miles to save this house and are only the 4th owners
    Instagram: @updationnest

    Jenni + Sarah: South Bend, IN

    Purchase price: $112,000
    Built: 1904
    Building style: Free Classic Queen Anne by John Nietzel
    Fun fact: moved a historic garage to this property via Indiana Landmarks’ May House that destined for demolition unless it could be repurposed
    Instagram: @pennyhillhomes

    Bea + Mike: Momence, IL


    This Italianate was a surprise birthday present for Bea! After seeing the photos of this Italianate on @cheapoldhouses, Bea + Mike couldn’t stop thinking about it. Mike had secretly contacted the realtor and arranged the purchase of the house for $76,000. Then, he presented Bea with an envelope of the house photos with lyrics from their favorite song on, on her birthday! Now that’s an old house love story. To watch their love for this house unfold, follow along @making_momence.

    Matt + Nicki: St. Louis, MO

    Purchase price: $175,000
    Built: 1879 for Henry Vahlkamp
    Building style: Italianate

    Eric + Lauren + Xavier: Durham, NC

    Purchase price: $479,000
    Built: 1923
    Building style: Foursquare
    Fun fact: connected with the grandchild and the great grand child of the original owners; they were able to share before and after pics with them

    Logan + Makayla: Atchison, KS

    Purchase price: $113,000
    Built: 1857
    Building style: Italianate

    George + Eileen: Mannington, NJ


    An 1865 Georgian Colonial by Charles Hires has found new life after spotting it on @cheapoldhouses! Since this was a ‘Save This House,’ this house was purchased for $342,000. As an unexpected rehab twist, George + Eileen discovered they love plumbing! Who woulda thought? For projects plumbing and beyond, follow along @thekulltivatorsofmannington.

    Dylan + Gabriel + Sarah + Naomi: Chesterfield, NH

    Purchase price: $1 (you read that right!)
    Built: 1845
    Building style: Gingerbread

    Michelle: Savanna, IL

    Purchase price: $85,000
    Built: 1898 by JW Miller
    Building style: Queen Anne Victorian
    Instagram: @restoring_lucille

    Taki: Salem, OH

    Purchase price: $63,500
    Built: 1896 by Albert Cameron
    Building style: Colonial Revival
    Fun fact: former elementary school
    Instagram: @thegoldhouseohio
    YouTube: thegoldhouseohio

    Kristin: Syracuse, NY


    Although the previous owner considered duct tape as a building material, that didn’t stop Kristin from moving into this house during the winter with no electricity (wowza)! A Shingle style house built in 1885 by Archimedes Russell, this mansion with a tower was purchased for only $45,000. Take a peek at what Kristin is up to @kristin_mahoney_ny

    Kendra + Randy: Hampton, GA


    Found on our sister site Circa, Kendra knew right away when they saw the photo that it was the house. Randy is a handyman and they started dating after he helped her with a few projects on the house! The love goes so deep with this couple and house that they even lifted the house 3′ to build a new foundation. Want to see more? Follow along @bear_creek_station_inn

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