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Frequently Asked Questions

How many emails will I receive?

Our newsletters are sent out weekly!

Are you guys realtors?

Nope! Just two people obsessed with cheap old houses.

How do you find your listings?

We look at listings all day long, so we always have a good stockpile ready to share. This is partly because we’re just obsessed, and partly because our jobs require it. We run an old house real estate marketplace called CIRCA, which features new historical house listings everyday. Elizabeth also writes the real estate section for Country Living Magazine. And all day, every day, people are DMing and emailing us listings, because we’ve kind of become known as the cheap old house people. We’re cool with that.

What is your criteria for choosing listings?

Elizabeth has a masters degree in Historic Preservation, so she knows a good old house when she sees it! All of the listings we show are very architecturally-intact and full of original charm and character. Hate is a strong word, but we strongly dislike houses that have been flipped and stripped of all character.

Can I just see houses in a certain state?

We don’t currently offer state-specific newsletters. However, if you visit our Instagram feed @cheapoldhouses, you can search listings by state using hashtags such as #cheapoldhousesny or #cheapoldhousesms

I am a subscriber, and I want to access the back issues. How do I do that?

Please follow this link, and login with your credentials. Once authorized, you will be taken to the back issues page.

How does payment work for your newsletters?

We charge $6 monthly for each of our newsletters. This allows us to hand curate the most beautiful cheap old real estate finds and deliver them to you weekly. You will receive 14 new properties weekly, and will gain instant access to all of the back issues. All subscribers are also invited to follow our secret instagram feed – @cheapoldhouses_secret

If you have questions please email us at [email protected]

I haven't received my emails/newsletters. What do I do?

Please check you spam folder for an email from [email protected] (we’ve found that many email servers see the word “cheap” and filter it directly into spam). If you’re unable to find it in your spam folder or inbox, send us an email at [email protected] so we can make sure the spelling of your email is correct in our database. We will correct your specific issue via email if necessary.

How do I buy a property you listed?

The direct links to all properties shown on our Instagram feed can be found on our latest listings page. We typically leave the latest 90-120 properties linked on our website. We are not the real estate agents for the properties, nor do we receive a commission from any sales. However, we do hope you find your house through us, and if you do, please email us your story at [email protected]


We also offer a free weekly digest of our latest Instagram properties with direct links to each listing. This digest is sent via email every Friday. Sign up for that here.

Can I hire you to conduct a personal property search for me?

We would love to, but for now, we only assist people through our Instagram feed and subscription newsletters.

I would like to cancel my newsletter subscription.

No problem! We thank you for contributing to this cause. If you signed up on our website, you can  manage your subscription here. If you signed up through Patreon, you can manage your account here. If you have further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

How do I submit a house?

Know of a fixer-upper that you think our audience would love to see? Send us an email at [email protected]

We cherry pick the most beautiful old houses for sale for under $100K and share them with you.
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We cherry pick the most beautiful old houses for sale for under $100K and share them with you.

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weekly notifications !
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