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We’re Elizabeth + Ethan Finkelstein. We’re dreamers. We love old things. And we believe that you’re being sold the wrong American dream. Contrary to what everyone else says, you don’t actually need to buy a million dollar house and go into extreme debt to live a satisfying and beautiful life. But don’t just take our word for it—we’ve brought together over 2 million people who feel the same way, and who are masters at celebrating the beauty of cheap old houses.

Our philosophy of life is simple. Work hard. Find something beautiful, something well-crafted. Something that needs you. Nurture it. Learn about it. Spend time honing your skills so you understand it. Teach your family to do the same. And give back to history while doing it. 

We started @cheapoldhouses because we were enchanted with the untapped beauty that is hidden in so many pockets of this country. These homes tell the stories of the everyday people who lived here, worked here, and made America what it is. The fisherman. The millworkers. The families. They are not the fancy landmarks—they are everyone else’s history.

We invite you along for the ride as we explore hidden gems all over America, and celebrate their potential with our community of old house lovers + dreamers.

Fear no fixer.

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