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08/07/2020 – Issue #3

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07/24/2020 – Issue #1


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United States

We find SCORES of bargain homes throughout the country that don’t fall under $100k (Heck, you can’t even buy a parking spot for that price in some parts of the country), but that are nonetheless amazing homes worthy of preserving. “Cheap(ish) Old Houses” showcases a curated collection of amazing, intact historical home for sale for under $250k. YUM.

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Our “Cheap Old Houses Abroad” newsletter focuses on houses for sale for under $150K USD in Canada and Europe, and occasionally in other far-off places. We’re talking quaint Nordic cabins, Irish cottages, Tuscan villas and old stone homes overlooking the Mediterranean. They’re so fun for us to find, and it’ll be the dreamiest thing you’ll see all week, we promise!

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