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How We Uncovered This House From Behind a Jungle!

Because #PlantsMakesPeopleHappy!

As seen on episode 2 of our HGTV show
Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House?

What did we get ourselves into?!

We were up against years (decades?) of deferred landscaping in Worcester, NY. But trust us when we say that behind those vines and beyond that foot-tall grass and under those branches, there’s a Queen Anne charmer just waiting to breathe again!

So, we came in, guns blazing, machinery blasting, and ripped through like a tornado.

Just kidding — have you met us? Our careful attention to history and design doesn’t end at the front porch! We studied the few historic photographs available to us and worked closely with George’s Nursery & Market to walk the property and map out the existing plants, hiding under invasive overgrowth, that could should be preserved in our new landscaping plan. Homeowner Enrique dug right in with us, literally!

There was a beautiful vine enveloping the front porch, and it had likely been there for a very long time. We were all heartbroken to have to detach it from the house and cut it WAY back in order to access the house to scrape, paint and restore the front porch. But we know that the vine will soon grow back in all of its glory, and excited that the porch now has a second lease on life!

After two long days, plenty of ProvenWinners beauties and one massive delivery from Saratoga Sod later, we could hardly believe our eyes.

Who could have imagined just a jewel was under all that overgrowth, waiting to shine again? Well that’s easy: us! Our sincere thanks to George Vogt and his crew for this herculean achievement!

See the complete interior transformation of this incredible Queen Anne in the recap of Episode 2 of Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House?

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