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Outfitting a Room with Secondhand Furniture

Kaiyo for the win!

As seen on episode 3 of our HGTV show
Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House?

The task at hand in Episode 3 of our HGTV series, Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House?, was a daunting one. Under tight budget constraints, we had to not only restore this incredible $99,000 church, but also convert a building that had never before been used as a residence into a cozy, comfortable home for Cristiana and Nick.

This meant that our team had to make some hard decisions and get VERY creative with numbers. After restoring the exterior, revealing the hidden mural on the ceiling, The biggest challenge was figuring out how to furnish the space with beautiful pieces that match the scale and grandeur of the space while also being extremely affordable, considering all the restoration work that was necessary to do and would eat through the budget completely.

Working with Kaiyo, we saved literally THOUSANDS of dollars. Shopping secondhand is, well, second-nature to most of us cheap old house lovers, *and* helps us to stretch our project budgets just a little further. Plus, it keeps items with lots of life left in them out of landfills and means we don’t have to consume new goods when pre-owned and gently loved will do the trick.

Jennifer saved us an average of 35% off retail prices (or $2,075, whoa!) by embracing Kaiyo with us. Our one tip: when you see something you love, act fast! These are one-off treasures and someone else (like us, perhaps, ha!) could quickly drop it into their cart while you’re weighing the pros and cons. Spoiler: there are no cons, only stylish, money-saving pros!

Our favorite purchase might be the dining room table that anchors the space perfectly. It’s by Hooker Furniture, and we got it for 48% off retail!

We also adore this West Elm bar cart, for sale for 20% off retail, which we got to deck out with all of Cristina and Nick’s beautiful mid-century glassware.

These two floor lamps also came from Kaiyo, with huge discounts!

Thank you for existing, Kaiyo! We couldn’t have done it without you!

See the complete transformation of this historic church in our episode deep-dive, and watch the full episode on HGTV.

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