Cheap Old Houses Saved

Brittany + Dave: Mid-Michigan

Brittany + Dave are restoring a gorgeous, old Italianate house that sits on 20 acres and was featured on @cheapoldhouses. Follow along with their adventures (and hilarious stories!): @rademacherrevival (photo above

Mandy: Richmond, ME

With its incredible porch + ceilings, this rambling Victorian totally won us over when we posted it on @cheapoldhouses for $99,900! Its loving owner, Mandy, is bringing us along for the

Amy + Brandon: Geneva, NY

One of the most spectacular homes ever posted on @cheapoldhouses was purchased by Amy + Brandon, who count this as their third major restoration project. They're bringing Grove Castle back

Mary + Larry: Lexington, MO

After it was shown on @cheapoldhouses (price: $62,500), Mary + Larry fell in love with this Italianate house, swept her up and named her Lexibelle. Their restoration adventures are all

Betsy: Wheeling, WV

This beautiful townhouse in the historic district of Wheeling, WV, was featured on @cheapoldhouses for $29,900 and purchased by a preservation-minded buyer who is planning to restore it to its

Jessica: Bergton, VA

After spotting this house on @cheapoldhouses, Jessica fell head-over-heels in love. On 3.57 acres and with a swimming hole, it just happened to be right across the road from where